Monday, February 14, 2011

Trolls man... they are EVERYWHERE!!!

 So recently I heard about a certain movie called Trolljergeren or as we may know it state side as The Troll Hunter. It's a movie shot in a "mockumentary" style about 3 college students filming a documentary, at first about the possible bear poaching, but then becomes one about them following around a "Troll Hunter". This man works for the government in tracking and maintaining the troll's habitats. He also has to some times exterminate the animal if it starts going out of its territory, which the Government decides. Following this "Troll Hunter", the film students get a crash-coarse on Trolls while they are mostly running away from them.

The first Troll shown, a "Tusseladd"
 What really impressed me about this movie was the different species of Trolls they showed on screen. One of the first ones was a 20-30 foot tall, three headed troll which lived in the forests. The hunter ended up having to kill it though since it was about to kill him and the film students. The way he kills it is also interesting, by using a Ultra-Violet light source, he basically blew it up. Apparently Trolls can't exist outside during the day time hours otherwise they will either blow up, like the second one shown which was a shorter, but bulkier Troll which tended to live under bridges, or become stone, like the first Troll shown.

The "Raglefant"
 As the movie progresses, the audience learns more about the Trolls from Hans, the hunter, as he explains it to the film students. We get a more scientific answer when Hans goes to a vet to deliver a blood sample taken from a Troll which was acting strange. The vet tells us that the reason the Trolls blow up or become stone is because they can not synthesize the sunlight and this causes a chain reaction in which for the younger Trolls, the gases in their bodies shoot to their stomach and cause it to explode, along with the rest of it, while the older Trolls have their veins shrink and quickly crystallize into Limestone.

This is what happens when they get a sunburn...
 Along with the two types of Trolls I mentioned earlier, there are two more that make appearances in the movie, one is a small, yet still much larger than a man, and lives in packs. The other one, which is talked about throughout the movie, is a gigantic, 100m tall Troll which lives inside the mountains of Western Norway. All the Trolls that show up look great for what the movie was going for and really delivers a sense of awe, especially when you first see the Giant at the end of the movie.
See that little black spot next to the Troll? Yeah... that's a CAR.
 Along with the movie being about Trolls and the person who hunts them, it's also about the film students as they are immersed into a world filled with nasty smells and close encounters of the VERY large kind.

All in all, I highly recommend this movie and I suggest you go see it as soon as possible. It's great for those days or nights when you can't think of anything to watch.

Seriously, go watch it.