Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Interlude of Dreams...

Random, yet amazing picture I found on the internet which might be something I see in a dream.
So since some time in January I have been keeping a journal of whatever dreams I can remember from the night before and reading back through some of them I find myself very, very confused. I suppose dreams do that, take random bits of the waking world and mash them together to get some strange land of possibilities. The whole reason why I started the dream journal is because I wanted to attempt lucid dreaming since it sounds freaking amazing to actually succeed at it. In fact, "The Dream City" was based on the concept of lucid dreaming and what might happen when it works, both the amazing parts and the horrifying ones. Just the unlimited amount of possibilities stemming from lucid dreams makes me water at the mouth.

World-building inside your head while you sleeps.

In one of the first dreams I become lucid in I hope to just test out everything I can do, like how physics affects the dream world or if it doesn't, how I can create things out of nothing in the dream, and if I can summon random people to be there with me in this dream. Then I would see how much intelligence these constructs have, if they know anything I don't or if they are just playing off the many random scenarios which get created in my head all the time. I also want to explore the dream lands, take in all the sights which my sub-conscious creates and experience everything that world has to offer.

Honestly, I just thought this looked cool.

I suppose all I'm trying to do is test my limits when it comes to creating worlds, how "alive" I can make them and experience them and the people of those worlds before I write them down on paper. All in all, it just sounds like too much fun to not try, so I will. I mean, it's not like I'm doing anything else while I'm sleeping. Might as well try and become lucid in my dreams and have amazing adventures with the random folks my mind thinks up.


  1. Yeah lucid dreaming does sound cool :> I can never remember any of my dreams and I don't know the first step into remembering, so I don't think lucid dreaming is possible for me :<

    Good luck on your dreaming :>

  2. I used to write down my dreams as well, the best thing ever is to read it a bit later when you've forgotten about it and then it all comes back. And I actually managed to get a lucid dream once, didn't last too long though so didn't have the time to try too many things out unfortunately.

  3. those are some very fancy looking pics. would be awesome to be able to actually see that with just hte naked eye.

  4. Every time i have a lucid dream, i end up waking up. They tend to occur during midday naps.

  5. Wow that last picture looks incredible! Now that's art! Lucid dreaming is a neat thing it sometimes happens to me when I'm really tired and talking a short nap

  6. I've had dreams were I knew I was dreaming but never have I had the ability to control them:( +following

  7. Sometimes I dream very intensive dreams, but with alarm clock they ends and in second I forget them. I think that dejavu effect could come from the dreams I have forgotten. What do you think, is that possible?

  8. Possibly, that could be a factor. Personally, I can usually remember when (or about when) I had that idea or dream. Usually it happens when I day dreamed, but the second I stop thinking about it it disappears. It's only later when the dejavu occurs that I remember where I saw whatever the dejavu was about. It's quite odd, but very interesting.

    We dream every night, exploring, creating, imagining a world where we can do anything we want. Who can say you didn't have a dream where you did something exactly the same (or similar) to whatever caused the feeling of dejavu. Our minds are a mystery which are only now being unlocked and discovering the hidden potential (which there is a lot of) inside of them. Who knows what they are capable of.

    Look into noetics if you're interested in these things. Very cool stuff.