Sunday, September 12, 2010

Community College on TV. Yeah, apparently that IS a good idea,

So recently I have been watching a episode or two of "Community" everyday. This show is about a study group going through a community college. Now, just from that description no one would really want to watch it right? Well, wrong. This show initially was just OK, nothing really special. Got a few laughs here and there, but it really didn't make a big impression on me. Then I kept on watching and saw how the characters developed and how they began to treat each other. Then it really became a show that I'll watch. I'm currently on episode 10, so I'll make a longer review after I finish this season.

Right now though, I would suggest anyone who wants to get a few laughs to watch this show. Also to anyone thinking about CC, watch this. It's almost the same. Almost...

Last thing, recently I got up-to-date with How I Met Your Mother and I'll do a fast review about sometime in the near future.

Till then.