Friday, September 10, 2010


So for all of you that may play Minecraft, Notch has finally released a new update adding new stuff to SP and also fixing many problems with SMP. This is the first update in a while and even though he is going through an annoying time with PayPal, he still got this update to us.

Thanks Notch!

Seecret Friday 9! OooooOOOoo! And Minecraft Alpha 1.1.0! And Minecraft Server 0.2.0!

The Seecret Friday part ended up being extremely tiny this time around, but that’s because I made sure to add this:

+ Added server-side inventory
+ Made the server save player locations when they leave the server
+ Made chests work in SMP
+ Made signs work in SMP
+ Made furnaces work in SMP
+ Added monsters=false to You can turn it on for experimental monsters, but you can’t hurt them directly yet. (Fire works, though!)

But this is NOT SECURE YET! I decided to just focus on making it functional first so I actually got it out.

I’ll work on inventory security and server-side health management next week. Server-side health means you’ll be able to fight monsters and perhaps even other players. :D


Oh. My. Dog. I need to invest in a better server solution RIGHT AWAY, like next week! Please be patient while the server tries to keep up with sending out all the updated clients!

And link to the post.


  1. sorry i don't know what is minecraft.


  2. makes me wanna try that minecraft thing.

  3. love it

  4. Lovelly.


  5. Love that server-sided inventory thing. Really sucked losing everything when you log out of a server.

  6. wow, this is fantastic, i can see some possible exploits though

  7. Minecraft is cool Supporting too.

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