Friday, September 17, 2010

Phantasy Star Online 2!!!

So... It has been 10 years since the original PSO has come out and Sega has surprised us at TGS with a trailer for Phantasy Star Online 2 which will come out sometime next year. For an international release, it is still way too early to make any predictions, but it should come out sometime after the Japanese version hits their stores. Who knows... maybe PSO2 will get an international release rather than just the Japanese one first.

Anyways this news is very, very exciting for me since PSO was probably the first game I actually got addicted to. So many hours spent running through each level... When I stopped playing I think my character was in his 120's or somewhere close to that.

Without any further delay... The trailer for PSO2!


  1. Hope it comes to the USA. Been waiting for a sequel for a while.

  2. Just heard about this!

    Definitely following.

  3. My friend and I were just talking last night about where the money to do this is coming from, haha, since PSO hasn't seemed to be doing too hot recently.

  4. I really wonder how this woll turn out!

    Im going to definitely be following this blog! ;)