Wednesday, September 8, 2010


First and best MMO I have ever played (and trust me... I have played A LOT), Planetside offered something that you just can't get anywhere else, and they did it pretty damn good too. The epic three-way fights that lasted hours, the surprise zerg rush by and enemy army, the feeling of accomplishment when you and a platoon of bros lock down and capture and entire planet. Yeah... those were the days.

Unfortunately the awesomeness that is Planetside would not last forever... From new games that came out (I'm looking at you WoW...) and lack of updates or even attention from the DEVs, Planetside slipped into a kind of limbo between still active, and mostly dead.

And so after many years, finally we are getting word on a possible sequel to this glorious game, but even that is almost a faded memory since we have not heard anything at all about it for more than a year. We can only hope.

To all the people who played, loved, and still wish there to be a continuation to this awesome game, lets hope SOE will get off their collective ass' and atleast give us some info about what may come in the near future.

Also a shout out to all the 666 Special Ops Devil Dog Vets out there! Great times were had face rolling the other two sides at once.


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