Thursday, September 9, 2010

Zombies man... they are AWESOME!

So who here loves zombies? Thats right, everyone. Whether you are a fan of the new "I'm not actaully dead but people still call me a zombie" or a fan of the classic Romero zombie, people just can't get enough of those fleshing eating monsters. Whatever it is that makes them appealing, I think zombies are here to stay for a very long time.

Also what is your favorite Zombie themed movie? And do you have any zombie themes that you might be trying out this Halloween? You know, since it is only a month and a half a way.

Finally, some music some of you might recognize as one of the songs from "28 Days/Weeks Later". Though they are not "real" zombies (as in they are actually "dead") they still can scare the crap out of a lot of people (including my friend many Halloweens ago... that was ROFL).


  1. i think i might just play the inception soundtrack this halloween. make people think its all a dream... lol

    just doin my daily rounds bro!

  2. I wanted to like Weeks but Days still wins. Mogwai did the soundtrack in Days, this one just sort of imitates it. Still good, just not great.
    Showing support bro.

  3. haven't seen this movie yet... good insight, might watch it.

  4. this is my fav theme out of a lot of movies, not just zombie thrillers :)


  5. Really i love this music. so desperate.

  6. Zombies ,the dumbest people can get. Help a brother spread knowledge:

  7. Shaun of the dead is also an awesome zombie movie. Also check a tv miniseries called 'Dead Set'.

    by the way: upcoming tv show 'the walking dead'.