Thursday, December 22, 2011

Based on a dream I had last night, "Dragon State"

So I had a dream last night which I can only remember one part about. There were dragons, lots of them. Not only that, but they seemed to come straight out of Monster Hunter so I thought it was pretty cool. Then I decided to write it down so that I could write something based on it later. However... when I started to write down what I remebered it started to turn itself into a story...

So here you all go, the first chapter to a story I'm gonna call "Dragon State"

Chapter 1: Boats and Dragons
So there I was, in a place where some people call "Dragon Country". I was here to talk with a local fishery about a string of dragon related attacks on his property and his thoughts on the government’s policy of "If they leave us alone, we leave them alone". The man's house was a far off the beaten track though so we had to take a motor boat to reach him. I was talking to my friend who was coming along to take photographs of the area and the places where the attacks occurred when I mentioned to him my fear of dragons.

"You're afraid of them? HAHAHAHA!!! Man... you are one funny bastard you know that? Most dragons are as peaceful as kittens and other small, yet soft creatures. It's like being afraid of a kitten. Are you afraid of a kitten? Well are you?!"

"Dragons are nothing like kittens. They are big and mean and can fly, at least a lot of them can. They are hunters which like to eat meat, and who is to say we are not that meat to eat? Hmm? Thought so."

"Still, dragons are not dangerous at all these days. With the Draco-Wright Accord the war with Dragons ended and peace returned. I know that a lot of people were killed by dragons in the early days of their return, but we killed a lot of them too. And remember the fact that their numbers are a ton less than ours because of their long gestation cycle and breeding habits. If we ended up killing no more than 30% of all dragons left alive today, they would go extinct."

"Good. No more dragons mean that I can rest easily at night."

"No, not good. The first actually intelligent species other than our own returns to earth and you want to kill them all rather than learn from them? Think of all the knowledge they have from their very VERY long life cycles. If I was you, I would love to get an interview with one of the great elders. They must have so many stories to tell... but I'm not you and I can't understand why you don't want to."

"Like I told you before, in the last days of the dragon war not only did I come face to face with one of those terrible lizards, but it took from me some very important people... and I can never forgive them for that. It's the whole reason why I started writing about the atrocities committed by dragons to try and get the world to realize once again the threat the dragons are."

"Well I can't say anything about who you lost, since I also lost some people in the war, but I didn't let it get me down to the point where I just want to kill them all. That would make me no better than the Nazi's and that would be terrible... Well anyways we can talk about this later. It looks like we're here."

As I looked up from our heated discussion about dragons in the modern age, I saw a small shack located near the ridge of the river a little ahead from us. With all our talking about dragons I guess I had forgotten how this place is known as "Dragon Country" since we hadn't even seen a dragon since we started off this morning. As we closed in on the dock however, I noticed a large amount of bubbles coming up from the depths of the lake when all of a sudden a large animal, more than 50 feet long, jumped out of the water onto the shore.


My friend said as he rushed to set up his camera before the Plesioth got away. A Plesioth is a kind of water dragon which can live in either salt water or fresh water and feeds off of fish and other creatures calling the water home. One good thing about Dragons is their small apatite and diets. Some scientists have said that they need about the same amount of food calories as humans a day because their bodies can metabolize it much better than our own. This was great considering how massive these beasts were.


Our guide was getting a little annoyed, but did slow down the boat just a bit so my friend could get a better shot.

"AND... DONE! Wheww~ that was awesome! I got an awesome picture too! Heyhey, wanna see?"

My friend was very enthusiastic about taking pictures of dragons and has always been this way. I guess that's why I wanted to take him along with me because of the kind of material I look for and his expert hand when taking photographs. I have known him for years now.. I think I met him just after I got out of high school and started college. I was in the journalism program and had to take a few photography classes for my major. I when I got to class the first day I sat near the front since I always wanted to get the most out of my time in class rather than having to re-learn everything from a book later that day. Next to me was this really fidgety guy who looked like he had a smoke of some kind of illicit drug before coming into class.

“Hey, my name is Dave, looks like we’re gonna be in the same class starting today. Nice to meet—“

“Shhhh, yeah… nice to meet you too.. just.. don’t bring to much attention to me alright?.. yeah…”

“If you didn’t want a lot of attention why did you sit in the very front?”

A sudden look of realization ran across his face. I guess he didn’t even know where he was in class. I wonder what he took.

“Oh… hahaha, man if you didn’t tell me that I would have never noticed. I think I should head to the back before the teacher gets here.” He said this as gathering up his stuff and getting up. “My name is Jake, nice to meet you.”

 He stretched out his hand and we shook right before he bolted towards the back of the room just as the professor entered the room. That was the first time I met Jake and would end up talking to him a lot from then on. We shared some of the same views on issues, but differed on most which proved for great conversation. At the end of that first semester we moved in with each other and became roommates. Thus began a series of wacky and amazing years in college which I wish I could remember more of.

Back to the present,

“Not right now Jake, I kinda got soaked when that Plesioth surfaced. I kinda want to dry off first before doing anything else.”

“Oh.. right. Hahaha. Man that was cool. I wonder what other dragons we’ll see while out here..”

“Hopefully zero to none.” I said with a very dissatisfied look on my face. After being up since 4 AM to get ready for the trip out here, I was getting pretty tired and when I get tired I get annoyed.. easily..

After the whole episode with the Plesioth we continued towards the dock when we saw an older man standing on it waving at us as we approached. As we got closer I could see that it was the man who had contacted me about the story. He was an older man, in his late 60’s or early 70’s but still looked like he could take both me, Jake, and the boat driver in a fight and win. I suppose working out here in the wilderness for most of your life can do that to a man.
It was getting dark now. The sun had been going down for some time now and it was just at that perfect position right over the horizon where half was covered and the other half was adding to the amazing colors which plagued the sky at the time. I watched the sun set a little longer when I saw what looked like a large black spot on the sun. I squinted and then rubbed my eyes and didn’t see it any more. I wonder if it was just the sun playing tricks on me? Oh well..

“So I assume you’re Dave right? And this here is Jake? So nice to have you boys out here in the middle of nowhere to hear my story. Come right this way, come on.”

He herded us towards an old jeep which was parked nearby. I made sure I had everything and Jake was also making sure he didn’t forget anything. We were almost as far away from civilization as you can get out here and if anything happened we wouldn’t be able to make it anywhere fast. Seeing as we had everything, Jake and I headed towards the Jeep and through our bags in the trunk before climbing in.

“Mr. Green, I just wanted to thank you again for allowing us to come out here and interview you. I’m sure you are a very busy man so I’d like it if we started the interview tomorrow morning if that’s alright with you?”

“Sure is son, I just have a few chores to do in the morning before we can talk, but then I’m all your afterwards. In fact… if you two help I should be done in no time! What do you say?”

Jake and I looked at each other and nodded.

“Sounds find to us. Just let us know what you need us to do and we’ll do it. All for the story!”

Trying to sound fired up and said that enthusiastically. In reality I was exhausted and didn’t want to help the old man in the morning, but it was to get the story faster so we can leave faster. If that Plesioth was the only dragon we saw while here I’d be happy. Anything else to do with dragons is when the man shows us some places where the dragons damaged and that’s it.

“We have some time while we drive back to the house, so why don’t I give a little prologue to my story which I’ll tell you both tomorrow eh? Sound good?” Mr. Green was obviously trying to make some conversation with both of us and we jumped at the chance to get even a little bit out of the old man.

“Sounds great Mr. Green, we would love to hear it.”

“Okay then, well let me just warn you boys about what I’m just about to tell you. This story is very long, very complicated, and very dangerous. It’s about the Dragon War and what it caused in this part of my little world. At times I may need to stop and readjust myself or leave other parts out entirely. Just remember one ting.. Everything I’m about to tell you is the truth. 100% fact.”

He never mentioned anything like this in the letter, but damnit I’d be lying if I said this didn’t intrigue me.

“It all started on a cold December night, right before the Dragon War began….”


  1. your dream has chapters... wut? lol and as for the one liners the girls cause act the same way as in the comic, good times.

  2. OH the reason why I said that it's gonna have chapters is because I'm gonna write a short story based on it. This is the first chapter for that story.