Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Key to the Void": My other story which I started on at the same time as EotWME

So I decided to post up my other story which I started on after getting frustrated with how my other one was going. I wanted to make a more simpler story with fewer characters, but at the same time make it more exciting. If you guys end up checking out EotWME you'll notice that it shares a few of the same themes as KV, but as to not spoil it I'll let you all figure out what they are by your selves. For this story I had only written 1 chapter so far, but I'm probably going to continue writing it for a while since I like it a bit better than my other. Also, occasionally I'll post up other random ramblings of ideas which I would want to write about just because I can.

Anyways, here you go: "Key to the Void"

                I write this as a last ditch effort to get the truth out there about an amazing and terrible secrete which can undo the very fabric of civilization at the mere mention of it. Why should I try and get this information out in the open when it might in fact end the world as we know it? Well, that is somewhat of a long and mostly boring story, but I do suppose that it would explain the truth in a somewhat better way than me just telling you all now. It’s a story of inspiration, adventure, love… lose… terrifying creatures from other dimensions, strange yet horrible ruins on remote islands, things not going the way they were planned, and last but not least… me.

          We start our little story with a simple phone call. Yep, just a phone call, nothing really special about this part right? See, I told you all it would be boring. Anyways back to the phone call. I was phoning a friend of mine from a few years back about a missed call and a 17 minute long voice mail with nothing but static. You see, right after I graduated high school I did the whole college thing, but messed up a lot and ended up going to a bunch of different colleges before finally finding one that worked for me. This guy I knew was from the second college I had attended and I hadn’t seen him since I transferred into the one that I would eventually graduate from. When we both used to hang out, we talked about all sorts of subjects from physics, history, politics, and most importantly (to the story at least) the more esoteric topics like the secretes of the world and how to access them. When we talked about the secretes we both had uncovered over the years of being alive we found out that some things seemed to be too convenient or too well planned for something to have happened at chance. Of course I never thought too deeply into the subjects because I was busy with other things (girls for example) so when I transferred I kinda lost contact with him. From people who I still talked to from the college, it seemed like he really withdrew and became something of a hermit you might say. There was one thing though that everyone kept on repeating about my old associate: he always seemed to be looking over his shoulder for something that wasn’t there and that he really got into the more taboo subjects of the magicks. I really didn’t say anything about the fact that I may have gotten him more into that subject than I should have, but I did feel kind of sad when I heard it. Kinda….

          Back to the phone call I am still making. Three rings and he still hasn’t picked up, which I find very strange since this guy never went anywhere without his phone. I had been to his apartment a few times to hang out and get drunk so I knew where he lived and I was a little worried at this point. Though I try to come off as a cold, uncaring person, my true personality is one of the “I can’t leave you alone” types where I would always go out of my way to help random people. It was somewhat of a problem which occasionally ended with me in the hospital for god knows what reason. This time though, I felt that I had something to do with his withdrawal society and that made me really want to help him out. So after another three calls and four texts, I grabbed my coat and jumped into my car and drove the short distance over to his apartment. It was pretty close by car anyways, like only 20 minutes. While in the car I called him one last time and said that I was coming over whether he wanted me to or not and to make sure he has pants on when I get there (long story, even longer than this one). I pulled into the parking lot in front of his apartment complex and climbed the three floors to his door and knocked a few times. After a few long pauses I knocked again and yelled through the door that I knew he was in there and that he should just answer the damn door already. Getting a little mad since I drove all the way over here (I just don’t really like driving) I tried the door handle to see if it was open, and low and behold it was!

          I yelled into the dark apartment that I was coming in and that he should make sure he was actually wearing pants or else (… or else what?) I walked into the dark room and fumbled around the wall for the light switch and eventually found it after much groping. Even with the light from the hall, I could barely see into the mess that was his apartment so I wasn’t expecting at all of what I found. Tables, couches, chairs, and random other furniture just thrown around his place along with strange books, pictures of some kind of black mass/blob thingy and other magick-related materials. I thought to myself that he really did get into this stuff, and massively from the looks of it. Still looking around the mess I stumbled into the kitchen where I found the only clean section of ground covered in all kinds of different glyphs and symbols which I had never seen before. They were arranged in somewhat of a spiral pattern which covered a great bit of the ground. Around the spiral were more magick-related items along with a few candles which looked like they had just recently been lit. Not wanting a potential fire to erupt in my friend’s apartment I blew them all out and then continued to wander through his increasingly macabre place of living. Whatever he was doing, it just didn’t feel right if you know what I mean. Just stuff that I had never seen before was just strewn across his apartment and relics which looked like they were close to a few thousand years old just lying about everywhere. Where the hell did he get the money to buy these things? We were both just college students just a few years ago and he now had enough money to buy 2nd century manuscript on the… proper rituals for summoning the void? The hell is the void and why was it in this apartment? Now not only did I want to find my friend, but I wanted to ask him what the hell is up with all of this stuff.

          He had a pretty big apartment for a guy living on his own, but I never thought it polite to ask where he was getting his money from. The place though looks like it could have easily gone for a few thousand a month at least. I finally was working my way into the back room where he usually sleeps when I remembered I should try and call him to see if his phone was still here. Taking out my phone, I called him one last time and heard the faint sounds of a phone going off in his apartment and it sound like it was coming from his room. I walked over to his door and knocked a few times, and then said fuck it and walked in. I see the phone on the ground covered by some scrolls or something and then look around the room to see if he was actually there. Nope, no sign of him in here, or anywhere in the apartment. I guess he was going to go and do something somewhere and wanted me to come along… or something. Whatever the case, he wasn’t here and I wanted to leave. I usually ok when it comes to the darker esoteric stuff, but this place just felt wrong for some reason. In fact, I have been feeling as though there were a pair of eyes watching me ever since I blew out those candles around the spiral. I just wanted out of there at that point and decided I would try to call another day or something. As far as I was concerned, my work there was done…. Or so I thought. You know that feeling when you know without a shadow of a doubt that someone or something was watching you? Yeah, the hairs on the back of my neck were standing at attention pretty damn quickly as I heard the front door shut and the lights go out all over the apartment. Wondering what the hell was going on, I called out for my friend which I had thought just got back from where ever he went. No response, which was in a way freaking me out at that moment. It was about 7:00 or so pm so the sun had mostly set at this point so the inside of my friend’s apartment was pitch-black. I got out my cell phone and used it as a light to try and get out of this horror house of an apartment. I made my way into the hallway and noticed the dense blackness which was now in the way of my exit from the apartment. I nervously called out to my friend in the hopes that it was him, only to be met with a pair of glowing red eyes. I shined the light from my phone over in the direction of the scary pair of eyes to see something that was… impossible… or should I say close to impossible?

          When the light hit the creatures flesh, the pure blackness of the creatures hide turned a pale white within seconds of contact from the light. Its eyes receded back into its sockets leaving a face which looked like it belonged in a H.R. Gigar painting. It was crouching since it seemed like it was too big for the hallway, so it must have been over 10 feet tall, at least when it stood up straight. It’s arms and legs were almost stick-like in their appearance and both of them seemed way to damn long for their own good. Long fingers and toes which very sharp looking claws attached to the ends of each and an almost sickly look in its body, like one of those starving African kids or something.  Its neck seemed like it should break any second from the stress put on it from the head and how skinny it was, but it didn’t. Finally the head, which was elongated and had some very nasty looking teeth arranged in a smile in the front of its face. It almost looked like what a human skull would look like if you just added more to the back and installed some razor sharp teeth in the front. The thing just was looking at me, maybe studying me too and deciding on how it will feast on my flesh or something morbid like that. For what seemed like an eternity, we just stared at each other, not making a single movement. Suddenly the creature began to back up, into the darkness and slowly disappear into the void. The last thing I saw of it was the pair of red eyes and the glint of light coming off the things contorted smile full of sharp teeth. Then, as suddenly as it had arrived and almost made me have an accident in me pants, it was gone, and I could see the door which the thing had been blocking till just now. Not giving the thing any time to decide that it was in fact going to have me as a snack, I bolted for the door and dived for the exit. Landing with a thud on the wall across from the door, I hurriedly closed the door shut and flew down the stairs to my awaiting get-a-way car.

          I never once asked or thanked god for anything before today, but with the speed I was going in my car in those residential districts, well let’s just say that I’m lucky as hell that a cop wasn’t there to bust me. In about half the time it took me to first get to my friend’s apartment, I arrived at my own home and ran inside, locking the door behind me. Safe, I thought to myself, and relaxed a bit after turning on every light in the house and collapsing on my couch. What the hell was that thing? Did it have anything to do with the random bits of magick-related things around my friend’s apartment? Oh right! My friend! I wonder, did he get eaten? Or killed or something? That would really suck, but I didn’t see any blood or body or anything of that sort so he might still be okay. I hope he is, because the next time I see him, I’m gonna kick his ass for bringing something like that into our world. I mean really, there is a limit on what you can and can’t get away with and summoning a creature from the “void” is definitely something one should not do, at least without parental supervision. From the whole ordeal, I was tired, like really tired. I closed my eyes and soon found myself in the world of dreams. Only, I knew it was a dream, which I guess isn’t too strange, but the man in the nice suit waving me over the have a drink with him is. I don’t recognize this man, and hell, something about him just doesn’t seem human. Whatever it is, I rarely turn away good alcohol so I joined this well-dressed man in my dream which I was awake in.

          “Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to the land of your dreams!... but you already figured that part out now didn’t you?” the man asked me in a very energetic, almost playful way. I told him that yeah I knew this was a dream and I was wondering who he was, since I once heard that dreams are fragments of memories and I had never seen this man before in my life. “Ah, well, you must be wondering who I might be right about now aren’t ya?” again with the playful questions, he seemed as though he had read my mind. “Oh I didn’t read your mind, I mean, we’re inside of it after all. Your thoughts are just floating around everywhere so it was pretty easy to see what you were thinking. Well then, how about I introduce myself… hmm…. What should my name be…. Hmmmmmmm…… AH! Yes! I know what my name is! It’s Dave. Just Dave. Nothing more, nothing less, mostly likely at least.” Well, know I know who I’m talking to, this shouldn’t be to hard from now on, but Dave? Seriously? “What? You have a thing against the name “Dave”? I think it’s pretty cool…” Yeah whatever, so “Dave”, what are you doing hanging out inside my head, and why the hell am I so ok with this? “Ah well, that’s probably because even though you know you’re sleeping, your still calm and everything from sleeping like a baby. Anyways, on to business! Will, you did something you really shouldn’t have now didn’t you?” his eyes narrowed while asking this question to which I responded that I didn’t know what he was talking about. “Oh Will… Willy Willy Will… You really don’t know what you got yourself into now do you?” Well of course I don’t know what “I have gotten myself into”, why don’t you explain to me what it is that I have “gotten into”. “Well… you see there were these candles which you blew out, probably to prevent forest fires like smokey the bear says, but what you didn’t know is that by doing that you forever made yourself a prime target of the void. Don’t know what the void is now don’t ya?” Nope, not at all. “Well… the void is… hmmm…. How should I explain this to your underdeveloped brain… hmmm… well think of it as a place of non-existence… or something like that. In this place of “non-existence” there exists beings which call that place their home. Now, you can’t have things existing in places of non-existence now can you? I’ll answer that for you, no you cannot. So how do these beings exist in this place? Paradoxes. A whole truck load of them. Anyways, the reason why the are there and why the exist is not really important to you, but what is important is that these “Void Beasts” have been interacting with your plane of existence for a while now and have occasionally made their way over to here. The thing is though, they can’t interact with your plane yet. They don’t have enough power to phase into this reality and can only do so with a certain artifact… which now exists inside of your soul…” …..huh? “Just like you heard, you now have what amounts to a “key of dimensions” lodged right up in there in your soul. Those candles you blew out? They were what was keeping the Void Beasts out of your plane and when you blew them out, which by the way was ingenius, the “key” jumped into your soul.”

          “Now, I know what you’re thinking, since I can see it floating around everywhere,”The hell is this well dressed badass talking about?”… ok maybe I exaggerated that last part, but it is all the truth. So now that the key exists in a human soul, all the void beasts have to do is kill you and destroy your soul and then the last barrier between the Void and your lovely dirt ball will be broken apart and then say hello to the end of the world kid!” So… not only do extra-dimensional creatures exist, but they are trying to enter our plane and the only thing stopping them now is… me… I felt almost sick. I’m the only thing standing in between the world and doomsday? To think, only thing I wanted to do was make sure my friend was ok. “Fret not young Will! I’m apart of… a group of mostly like-minded individuals and would not like it if these Void Beasts rampage across your world, so we decided we are going to help you. Kinda…” What do you mean “kinda”? Are you gonna help me or not?! I was getting irritated now, I didn’t want any more bullshit, I just wanted to know what I would have to do to stop this “end of days” scenario from happening. “Ah! Good! You learn quickly! That is very good, considering what is about to happen to your real body.” Huh? What do mean? Suddenly I see what looks like a giant screen appear out of nowhere and it shows me sleeping on the couch. I really look like that when I sleep? Damn… oh… wait a minute.. I thought I saw something off to the corner of the screen.. “Ah! Good! You saw it too! Well, that my little mortal friend is that Void Beast who was eyeing you good earlier. It seems to have come to finish the job when you are most vunerable.” Well.. shit! Shit! Shit! SHIT! Wake me up! I have to fight it right? Oh shit, how can I even fight it..” Ah, it looks like it would be too late anyways even if you did wake up.” The creature was moving towards my helpless body, with me powerless to do anything but watch as the monster ripped me to shreds and then destroyed my soul. I’m done.. I’m finished.. Good bye cruel world!!!..... wait a minute.. is someone else there? “You really do have some good eyes, or senses or whatever. Yes, there is someone there who is about to save your defenseless ass. Thank her when you do finally wake up” Her? I said before I was suddenly back in my body with about a second before the beast rips my face off. I turn around to try and jump over the couch when I saw her. Dressed in some kind of armor and wielding what looks like a spear, this mystery woman jumped out from behind the couch and delivered what looked like a finisher on the beast.

          I rub my eyes in a pointless attempt to blame this all on an overactive imagination or something, but as soon as I’m done and open my eyes, there she is, standing there covered in the creatures black fluids. She.. looks young.. like my age young. The young woman was looking over her kill with satisfaction when she turned around towards me. “ Sooo you’re the one they are having me protect and train and the same time… you look pretty weak, no offense.” It’s true that I don’t work out that often and my metabolism handles my food pretty well, but being called “weak” by a girl my age felt humiliating. “My name is Alex Aice and I’m gonna be making sure you don’t get killed or anything. At least till we figure out what we are gonna do with you.” I looked up to the girl, who seemed like she was shorter than me, but seemed so much bigger in some way I couldn’t describe. “My name is Will Kenwal, I guess I should say “thank you” or something for what you just did so, thank you.” She stares at me for a few seconds before breaking eye contact with me to look in some other direction. “Don’t mention it. I mean, it’s my job to keep you safe till you can do it on your own.” She looked a bit embarrassed, which really just made her become all kinds of attractive to me. I should mention I haven’t had a girlfriend in… well let’s just say “a while”. “So miss Alex, now that you saved my sorry ass what are we going to do now? You said something about “training” me. What was that all about? Dave in my dream said something like that too.” She looked a bit confused by what I had just said, “Dave? Who’s Dave? Anyways, we need to get out of here. The smell from this dead one is gonna attract scavengers and if they find you then you’re pretty screwed, but then again so am I, so let’s get the hell out of here!” With barely enough time to gather my thoughts, I’m pulled up off of my couch and rushed out the door. “Can’t I even pack anything? Where are we even going? Hey! Answer me!” Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, “Just shut up and follow me, I’ll tell you everything you need to know when you’re safe” *Cough* “Yes.. ma’am..” Dammit, that hurt like hell!

          Next thing I knew we were out in the middle of nowhere. How we ended up here, I couldn’t say. One second we were walking down the sidewalk towards some unknown destination, the next we were In the middle of this field. “Follow me, hurry up now!” Well isn’t she bossy, “Well you do you mind telling me how one second we were walking down a sidewalk and then the next second we are in the middle of this field?” Annoyed, she said “Just shut up and follow me. I’ll tell you how I did it once we get to our base camp.” I thought about what she said for a second, “Base camp?” 

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