Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another update before I start posting some actual stuff!!!

So over the last... week and a half(?) I have been writing out the outline for the next story I'm gonna post up here. I finally finished it this morning and now all I have to do is write the bastard and do all the editing it needs before I post it up here. I also started working on a review for "How I Met Your Mother" since I freaking love that show. That will probably be posted after I finish the short story and work on it a lot more. I have a long list of things I'm gonna review ranging from books to movies, games to VN's, anime to manga. I want each one to actually be a decent review so I'm going to put the work into each and everyone of them. Along with the short story I'm writing now, I'm gonna start on another one once I get to a point where I'm satisfied with this one. I'm thinking it's going to a short, yet sweet story about a man and his liquid silver... oh! And the silver is sentient and wants to take over the world! (s)He's also really... um... "dickish"? Yeah, that'll have to do when describing him. If not this story then I'll look through my list of ideas and come up with something interesting yet short.

As much as I want to rush all of these things out to here, I do have school to worry about and other matters to attend to so it might take some time. I do want to have the short story I'm working on now out by next week, at least I hope so. Along with writing all of these things I'm still reading random books. I picked up "The Hunger Games" a week or so ago and have read half way through it casually. It's pretty interesting and I like the scenario (Battle Royale anyone?) and the mythos for the setting is pretty sweet. Meh... I'll probably write a review once I finish it. I do hear the sequels are not that good at all though, but that's just what I've heard.

Now, not to leave you all without a little something, here is a song by Yoko Kanno which is a different version of the song "Genesis of Aquarion". It's really amazing and I suggest you all check it out!

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