Sunday, January 29, 2012

More detailed post on "Superpoints"!!!

So after realizing that my last post didn't give out a ton of information on Superpoints, I decided to make a more detailed post on the subject.

Here is what I commented with on my last post which is a better explaination of what Superpoints are.

"It's a legit money making service where you earn points in which you can redeem for items like gift cards, or if you like cash, paypal cash. It's invite only so it is a little more legit than other websites.
How you earn points is by doing to surveys or tasks which are on the website along with watch the occasional video. Also, everyday you get to use the superbutton thing which randomly can give you more points. You can also get points in your email and redeem them without doing really anything. From what it seems, it's about 100 superpoints to $1 American. Another thing is by inviting friends to superpoints makes you their sponsor which has some benefits of its own."

Here are the links to the invites for anyone interested. If you all have anymore questions just leave a comment.
Good luck with making money!!!


So instead of leaving tokens up here with expiration dates, just send me an email at asking for an invite to SuperPoints. It's just a better idea...


  1. superpoints eh, mite have to try this out

  2. uh none of em work, leave me one in my comments section

  3. signed up, i still think swagbucks is better thouhg