Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Majestic Bread

So this morning while I was in my Geological Resources class I started writing a random opinion piece about the whole situation in Syria right now and thought it was amazing. Now, after having the rest of the day to think about it and let it sit in, not to mention type it up, I come to realize I hate it. Well... "hate" is not the correct word, but whatever feelings of pride I had in it this morning disappeared as the day wore on. I am about half way done typing it up so I may end up finishing it and posting it if I feel like it isn't actually that bad, but I don't know right now if I will. OH! In other news, my life will be completely consumed by playing the "Tera" closed beta this weekend after impulse buying it just to get into the beta. I'm not regretting it though since I had a lot of extra money laying around that needed to be spent. I am really interested in this game and with what it's promising it sounds like it will be amazingly fun.

Also I got a recipe to bake bread from this one girl I know. I may end up trying to do that tomorrow because why the hell not.

Finally, here is a little video which I really enjoy... I think it's "enjoyment" I get out of it... meh. Decide for yourselves.



  1. loving that pic. also following.

  2. ManBearPig, Syria, bread, guy in drag! This post have everything! I love it!

    1. Oh god, I'm laughing so fuckin hard now.

  3. hahahahahah
    you made me miss the old chatroulette days
    might have to find the cam first

  4. lol at chatroulette it was mental when it first started ^^