Monday, February 13, 2012

"WHAT YEAR IS IT?!?!" aka Thoughts on TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea

So after not posting an update all weekend I decided that I should let you all know what happened. So on Friday I got into playing Tera's beta test and that ended up taking away my entire night. I had a ton of fun playing since I went into it with little to no expectations of what it would be like and left entirely satisfied. The lower levels are definitely grindy, but it's a Korean MMO so what would you expect? The devs are doing something about the lack-luster lower content by revamping the 1-40 leveling content which is going to be released in Korea later this month and onto the beta test when it hits the Open Beta phase. 

Just look at him and the amount of fucks he does not give.

Initially when I started hearing about the game I was thinking about a human or Aman character, but then the other day when I finally started to really look into the game I found myself thinking how much of a badass the Popori are. So I made my character, a Popori Slayer named "Katz" and went off to do whatever it is you do in MMO's. The newbie island wasn't that bad, it introduced many of quest types and had many different tutorials which helped new players gain their barrings. It did seem to be kind of dragged out in a way, but that might just be the whole grind-aspect of the game. At level 10 I finally got off the island as a badass furball who does flips and shit and doesn't afraid of anything, along with swinging around a sword taller than my character. Needless to say, I was entertained. The flipping animation for when you want to dodge an attack is essentially the Popori pole-vaulting over the other guy and landing right behind him. Much fun was had doing this.

"City of Wheels", Velika is pretty damn pretty if you ask me.

So after traveling around the main city of Velika, I was tasked to help lumber guys which had some fey problems. So, as you always do in these kinds of games, I slaughtered hundreds of fairies who where getting mad about something (can't remember exactly what it was now, but I think it had to do with the forest or some other kind of hippy thing). After this I was sent to another place where I did more killing and gathering and then when I was done there I was sent to one more place where I did even more killing and gathering. I eventually got to the point where I was level 22 and a furry ball of death with a big sword that needed more things to kill. I then was sent to a place which I had been to previously, but not that exact area and was tasked to kill 5 Basilisks for their eyes. I'm thinking, "This is gonna be soooo easy!!!". 

I was wrong...

Sooo wrong...

"You thought you could kill me like any of the other mobs you faced before? HAHAHAHA"

Basilisks are one of the first BAM's that you can fight in game. BAM stands for Big Ass Monster and the title fits it well. This is where I really started to have a ton of fun in game since it was the first time there was a challenge that I could no longer beat with a full bar of health left after the fight was over. The first time I fought one I ended up having to run away because my body was not ready for that fight. I regrouped and healed myself and then went back out to fight it once again. This time I was ready; emergency potions in the hotbar, new skills that I forgot to purchase, and my instincts which I honed in Monter Hunter. I was ready for the bastard. I charged and fought very bravely, and in the end won after almost dying twice. It was incredibly satisfying and really reminded me of my days of playing Monster Hunter over and over again. 

This would be the time to move the hell out of the way...

I then healed up and tried again to kill another, but this time it was ready for me and I ended up dying for the first time in those 22 levels. I eventually did kill it a couple of more times before the beta went down and had a blast doing it. My fuzzball of death will be ready in two weeks when the beta reopens, till then I shall wait...

In other news I no longer have access to my kitchen since I'm getting the floors redone and have no food to eat in my room except for peanuts and vodka. I think I may need to start on some homework as well... Meh... 


  1. Oh Tera, if only it was Buy-to-Play like Guild Wars 2. I guess I'll just wait on GW2.

    Followed your blog! Check out mine here.

  2. Looks like a cool game, would really like to try it out.

  3. Those graphics look amazing!!!!!!

  4. I've played some MMORPGs before and I have to say they were a complete waste of my time. I eventually let myself go during those years, fat, low grades and sleep deprivation.

    But they were fun though ;P.

  5. There's a song somewhere in the "peanuts and vodka" line, hehe. That game sure does sound fun. Glad you had a blast on the beta.

  6. Glad to hear you had fun with the game!

  7. that game looks badass, very good graphics!