Monday, March 26, 2012

"Good News Everyone!" The Update

So, I have been increasingly busy with school lately and, along with my own laziness, have been neglecting on providing updates. 


I now have that wonderful "spark" back in me and I have been writing more and more. Soon, I'll be updating some of the previous stories I posted with lots of editing since I failed to do that the first time around. I will also be posting new, short stories on a *hopefully* regular basis so that it doesn't seem like I fell off the Earth.

I have nothing to give you all tonight, so I apologize for that. I can say that within the next few days I'll be making a lot of posts regarding the stories I'm writing, whether they be new or old. If everything goes great I may even have updates to my longer stories after months of avoiding them like the plague! (Editing is a real pain you know...)

And just because I can!
Enjoy this video, a gift from me... to you!


  1. Do you think people who've never seen Futurama read that in Professor Farnsworth's voice?

  2. Who hasn't seen Futurama at least once or twice?

    They probably just wouldn't get it if they haven't seen it.