Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sunrise in a Unique Moment of Time

Sorry about the lack of updates. Real life stuff likes to attempt to overwhelm me from time to time and I have to focus on it to make it through the day. I have a few new stories in mind which I think I'll write about, and if the real world doesn't try to distract me any more than it already has I'll actually get to typing them up and post it for everyone to see. This short story "Sunrise in a Unique Moment of Time" came to me when talking with a very close friend of mine when she and I were talking about something... I think it started with miso soup? Anyways, it then grew into a fantasy which we both agreed would be amazing to experience some day, depending on how life treats us. I hope you enjoy it as well!

Sunrise in a Unique Moment of Time

Indian Creek, Siuslaw National Forest, Oregon

I awoke early one morning to see something I had only dreamt about before. I walked out onto the porch of the cabin we had rented and sat in one of the few chairs left for us to use. It was still dark out; the sun had yet to peak over the mountains to the east. It was chilly, so I was glad I had brought out a blanket to warm myself in the meantime. I wished to see the sunrise, something truly wonderful to behold with your own two eyes.

It was calm, and incredibly dark all around. I left the lights off so I wouldn’t wake the sleeping princesses curled up in our bed, and so I could appreciate the degree of isolation which we had resigned to ourselves for the week. We just wanted to be alone, separated from the hectic world for just a bit. We had been together for a while now and even though things got occasionally rocky, we really did love each other. This was our first of many trips we would take to escape the world, just to be together without any distractions. Those would be my favorite memories later on when life finally caught up to us.

My eyes had finally adjusted to the darkness of this one early morning and I could see the vast sea of trees which surrounded both us and the lake down in the valley. I could also make out the outlines of the mountains which acted like a border, to keep the world out for the time at least. The 100 million year old formations caged us in, as if to keep us from going back; trying to make us abandon all of which waited back in the world we left. I wouldn’t mind if it did succeed in trapping us here. In fact, I would love it.

I hear a sound to my right coming from the sliding door which led to the bedroom. The goddess of my life emerged with only a thin blanket to cover her exposed skin. I wondered if I had accidently woken her, roused her from her slumber when I made my way to the balcony. It was still dark, but I could see her beautiful smile, half-asleep and as pretty as ever. Without a word being said she glided over to where I was seated and gestured to me to let her in on the warmth of my body, and of course the heavier blanket which I used to cover myself. She sits on my lap and curls up, like a kitten in a way, enjoying the warmth that I give to her. We get comfortable and then sit in silence, an enjoyable silence, one which you can have only with someone who truly understands you. There was nothing to say, so we didn’t try to ruin the moment by filling the noiseless void with meaningless words and banter.

Sitting there with her, so close to my being, surrounded by a vast sea of calm darkness created by the trees, I would not be surprised if I were told this was heaven since it definitely did feel like it. Enjoying each other’s company, the surroundings began to take on more shape and more colors began appearing every second. The sky to the east turned a dark blue which contrasted nicely with the still dark sky above our heads; the colors of the new day began to appear over the mountains like ripples in water. From the darkness, the cold, and the isolation we craved, we were thrust into a world of color and sounds made by the various animals which called the forest home. In the valley which led to the lake hung a thick fog which blanketed the entire area like covers for a bed. It was an amazing sight which still stays with me to this very day.

Finally, we watched as the sun birthed a new day into the world and we smiled to each other, happy that we got to share this moment in time together; a moment so unique and singular, which will never happen again in the same way it did for us.